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IEE eForum - Customers as Co-Creators of Value: a Social Roadmap for the Smart Grid
By Dr. Peter Honebein
Monday, August 16, 2010
2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Eastern
In this IEE eForum and dialogue, Dr. Peter C. Honebein shares his thoughts on strategies for engaging customer participation in the smart grid, a model he refers to as “a social roadmap for implementing the smart grid.”
At industry conferences, around commission chambers, in utility executive suites, and throughout utility cubicles, the rumblings of the social-side of the smart grid are growing louder: “We must communicate with and educate customers!” “We must change the relationship customers have with the utility!” “We must engage our customers!” “We must provide a customer experience similar to the iPhone!” These visions, if orchestrated and executed well, can increase the customer’s participation as a co-creator of value, contributing to the economic benefits associated with operational efficiency, demand response, load shifting, energy efficiency, and more. However, without execution, these visions are nothing more than hallucinations.
In this session, Dr. Honebein discusses his ideas regarding a social roadmap for the smart grid. The discussion explores drivers such as customer-centered design, incremental customer acceptance, and call center training, to challenges associated with competing priorities, poor customer data, and low budgets for customer education.
To download a copy of Dr. Honebein's presentation, please click here. For an audio recording of the discussion (windows media), please click here.
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