Updated October 2019
Emerging Energy Solutions for Residential Customers
Today, customer expectations of their local electric company are changing and often are set by other industries. To assist their member companies in reimagining the customer service model and creating a more seamless experience for residential customers, EEI and IEI collaborated to develop a book of case studies that highlight the different ways in which EEI and IEI member companies are moving forward to reimagine customer service. These case studies--developed as part of the EEI Customer-Centricity Initiative--cover five key areas: smart home energy management; online energy marketplaces; low- to moderate-income customer solutions; customer notification and engagement; and residential bill payment options.
December 2016
Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry Volume III
In the last volume of the Key Trends Driving Change series, electric and technology company executives provide their views on three trends at the heat of the industry's transformation - rate and regulatory reform, data analytics, and grid modernization. These trends make clear that while much has been achieved in a short time, we have many difficult challenges ahead, specifically rate and regulatory reform. How these trends continue to unfold across the nation, and how we as stakeholders in the industry are able to work together to advance common goals and objectives will determine the success of this transformation for us and for our customers.
June 2016
Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry Volume II
The authors in this volume provide their unique views in three key areas: innovating with customers; smart storage, smart cities, smarter grid; and a transition to our energy future. What these newer trends show is that the power grid is a critical building block to more innovation with customers, with communities, and with technology.
December 2015
Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry
America's electric utilities are at the beginning of a profound but quiet transformation - more evolutionary than revolutionary. The authors in this book of essays provide their unique views on three key trends that underpin the transformation of the electric power industry - increasingly clean energy generation; a more digital and distributed grid; and individualized customer services. This is the 1st of three volumes by the Institute for Electric Innovation focused on key trends driving change in the electric power industry.
June 2015
Thought Leaders Speak Out: The Evolving Electric Power Industry
Today, the electric power industry - a fundamental industry that powers our economy and our lives - is in the midst of a profound transition. This book, compiled by IEI and published by the Edison Electric Institute, is a collection of essays by electric utility and technology company leaders, policy makers, and other stakeholders focused on three distinct and interrelated areas driving the evolution of the electric power industry today - the Evolving Grid, the Evolving Customer, and Evolving Regulation.
December 2014
Innovations Across the Grid, Volume II
Innovations Across the Grid is a collection of case studies describing how electric utilities are integrating new resources into the grid; providing customer solutions; and optimizing the grid itself. This updated release features more than 50 new utility-technology company partnerships that are transforming the electric power industry.
December 2013
Innovations Across the Grid: Partnerships Transforming the Power Sector
A unique book detailing nearly 70 projects led by utilities and technology companies that are transforming how we deliver, manage, and use electricity. Through an inside look at seven key areas of grid development, Innovations Across the Grid shows how putting entrepreneurial thinking, new technology, and engineering know-how to work are optimizing grid resources on both the supply- and demand-side of the electric meter.
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