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November 2018
EVs are 1 Million Strong: The Road Ahead
Lisa Wood
In September, electric vehicle (EV) sales shattered records. Nearly 45,000 EVs were sold that month—a 25-percent increase from the prior month and a 100-percent increase over the same month last year. There are now 1 million EVs on U.S. roads.
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Updated October 2019
Emerging Energy Solutions for Residential Customers
Today, customer expectations of their local electric company are changing and often are set by other industries. To assist their member companies in reimagining the customer service model and creating a more seamless experience for residential customers, EEI and IEI collaborated to develop a book of case studies that highlight the different ways in which EEI and IEI member companies are moving forward to reimagine customer service. These case studies--developed as part of the EEI Customer-Centricity Initiative--cover five key areas: smart home energy management; online energy marketplaces; low- to moderate-income customer solutions; customer notification and engagement; and residential bill payment options.
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April 2020
Electric Companies Are Committed to a Clean Energy Future: 10 Things You Should Know (2020 Update)
Electric companies are committed to investing in a clean energy future. In 2019, nearly 40 percent of all electricity generated nationwide came from zero-emission sources like nuclear, hydropower, wind, and solar. Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation were 33 percent below 2005 levels at the end of 2019. Investments in wind and solar energy accounted for 61 percent of all electricity capacity additions in the U.S. in 2019.
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March 2020
Energy Efficiency Trends in the Electric Power Industry (2008-2018)
Adam Cooper, Mike Shuster, and Lorraine Watkins
This report explores how energy efficiency (EE) programs are a win-win, helping customers to save energy and electric companies to reduce their carbon emissions. In 2018 EE programs saved 211 TWh of electricity, avoided the generation of 149 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, and saved enough electricity to power 26 million U.S. homes for one year. IEI believes that EE expenditures and savings will continue to grow over the next decade as long as participation in EE programs remains an easy option for customers.
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