The Institute for Electric Innovation's 2021 Powering the People event brought together a select group of electric companies, environmental organizations, technology companies, policymakers, regulators, and other thought leaders for two dialogues on decarbonization solutions. 


Welcome: Lisa Wood, Executive Director, Institute for Electric Innovation & Vice President, Customer Solutions, Edison Electric Institute  

Advancing Carbon-Free Energy Solutions for Corporate and Federal Customers

To get to a carbon-free energy future as fast as we can, we need to use an array of carbon free energy sources, technologies, and partnerships. Leading corporate and federal customers are now seeking 100% carbon-free energy (CFE) across their operations – some with hourly matching. Electric companies are looking for ways to provide these 100% carbon free energy solutions to their customers. What are the speedbumps and roadblocks to advancing carbon-free energy solutions? What strengths/weaknesses do electric companies have in delivering 100% CFE solutions? What are key priorities for corporate/federal customers? How will corporate/federal customer demand for 100% CFE solutions likely evolve over the next few years?


Opening Remarks: Andrew Mayock, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer, Executive Office of the President

Moderator: Bob Rowe, President and CEO, NorthWestern Energy and Co-chair, IEI 



§  Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn (ret), Former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Navy (Energy,

Installations, and Environment)

§  Brian Rybarik, Director, Energy Markets, Energy & Sustainability, Microsoft Corporation

§  Matt Valle, Vice President, Development, Florida Power & Light


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Rethinking Energy Efficiency as a Carbon Resource

The movement by many large corporations to set 100% renewable energy goals has dramatically accelerated investments in renewable energy generation. Now, leading corporations have an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions even further by seeking to use 100% carbon-free energy across their operations. What are the top challenges facing corporate customers in meeting their sustainability goals? How can electric companies help customers meet their goals while assuring that electricity remains affordable and reliable? What partnerships or policy changes are needed to support 100% carbon-free energy goals?


Opening Remarks: Ralph Cavanagh, Energy Co-Director, Climate and Clean Energy Program, NRDC


Moderator: Gene Rodrigues, Vice President, Market Development, ICF



§  Charlotte Mitchell, Chair, North Carolina Utilities Commission and Co-Vice Chair, NARUC

Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment

§  David Nemtzow, Director, Building Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

§  Matt O’Keefe, Group Vice President, Opower, Oracle Utilities

§  Katie Sloan, Vice President, Customer Programs & Services, Southern California Edison


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