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Thought Leaders Speak Out - Avista & Bidgely (September 2023)
On September 18, 2023 IEI hosted an executive dialogue featuring Andrew Barrington, Products and Services Manager, Avista and Abhay Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Bidgely. The discussion focused on how Avista is leveraging data thru its work with Bidgely to enhance customer experience and call center performance, support distribution system planning and increase customer participation in energy efficiency and EV programs.
Thought Leaders Speak Out - PPL Electric Utilities & E Source (August 2023)
On August 31, 2023 IEI hosted an executive dialogue featuring Sal Salet, Vice President of Distribution, PPL Electric Utilities and Tom Martin, Vice President of Commercialization, Data Science, E Source. The discussion focused on how PPL Electric Utilities is working with E Source to integrate AI and data-driven decision-making approach for storm response and grid investments.
Thought Leaders Speak Out - Xcel Energy & Sparkfund (August 2023)
On August 4, 2023 IEI hosted an executive dialogue featuring Emmett Romine, Vice President, Customer Solutions & Innovation, Xcel Energy and Pier LaFarge, Founder and CEO, Sparkfund. The discussion focused on how Xcel Energy is working with Sparkfund on C&I customer resilience, energy management & electrification goals through Xcel Energy’s recently launched Empower Facilities program in Minnesota.
Technology Partner Roundtable
Dialogue Series
IEI’s Thought Leaders Speak Out: Engaging Customers with Technology Dialogue Series brings together executives from electric companies and technology companies to share lessons learned and the results of using technology and data to advance residential customer engagement in energy, carbon, and pricing solutions.         ‎‎‎‎       The IEI Technology Partner Roundtable is a select group of technology companies committed to develop and deploy innovative customer solutions in partnership with electric companies.
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Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Takeaways
Avista & Bidgely - Advancing Customer Programs and Distribution System Planning (September 2023)
PPL Electric Utilities & E Source - Data-Driven Storm Response for Reliable & Resilient Grid (August 2023)
Xcel Energy & Sparkfund - Empowering C&I Customers to Realize their Resilience, Energy Management & Electrification Goals (August 2023)
FPL & IBM - Customer Centric Digital Transformations that Deliver Business Outcomes (May 2023)
Ameren Illinois & Google - Scaling Flexible Demand Management Solutions to Meet Customer and Grid Needs (March 2023)
National Grid & Oracle Energy and Water - Using Technology to Accelerate LMI Customer Participation in Energy Assistance and Support Programs (February 2023)
SCE & GridX - Lessons from California: The Role of Rate Analytics and Customer-Centric Approach to Drive TOU Participation (September 2022)
NV Energy & Bidgely - Using Smart Meter Data Disaggregation to Better Serve Residential Customers (May 2022)
AES & Uplight - Offering Customers Personalized, Subscription Energy Bundles (December 2021)
Ameren & Anterix - Implementing Advanced Communication Technology to Benefit Customers (September 2021)
Past Key Takeaways
Smart Meters at a Glance
May 2023
This factsheet details why smart meters continue to be an important technology for the electric power industry. Smart meters enable more rapid two way communications between electric companies and their customers, enhance grid resiliency and provide new services for customers. In 2021, 73% of homes and businesses had a smart meter. It is projected that there will be 135 million smart meters installed by 2025, a 71% increase since 2017.
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Electric Companies Are Committed to a Clean Energy Future: 10 Things You Should Know
April 2023
Electric companies are committed to investing in a clean energy future. In 2022, more than 40 percent of all electricity generated nationwide came from zero-emission sources like nuclear, hydropower, wind, and solar. Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation were 36 percent below 2005 levels at the end of 2022. In 2022, investments in wind and solar energy accounted for 75 percent of all electricity capacity additions in the U.S.
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Energy Efficiency Trends in the Electric Power Industry: Top 10 Things You Should Know (2023 Update)
February 2023
This factsheet uses the most recent data to identify the top 10 things you should know about energy efficiency (EE) trends in the electric power industry through 2021. For instance, EE programs saved 237 TWh of electricity in 2021 and saved enough electricity to power 33 million U.S. homes for one year.
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