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Designing 100 Percent Carbon-free Energy Solutions: Preferences, Challenges, and Pathways Forward (Dec 2022)
This issue brief explores the current state of corporate customer demand for time-matched 100 percent carbon-free energy (CFE) solutions, the attributes of these solutions that matter most to customers, challenges with electric companies scaling solutions to a broad set of customers as a regulated, tariff offering, possible designs, and data needed to design, evaluate, and implement hourly CFE solutions.
Thought Leaders Speak Out - SCE and GridX (September 2022)
On September 13, 2022 IEI hosted an executive dialogue featuring Katie Sloan, VP, Customer Programs and Services of Southern California Edison and Scott Engstrom, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of GridX. The discussion focused on SCE’s analytics-driven and customer-centric journey to transition customers to time-of-use (TOU) rates. More than 600,000 commercial customers and 2.6 million of SCE’s 4.5 million residential customers are now on a TOU rate.
Electric Company Smart Meter Deployments: Foundation for a Smart Grid (2021 Update)
This report highlights how electric companies had installed 99 million smart meters as of year-end 2019 and are using smart meter data, underlying communication systems, and technology to support customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, engage customers in programs to shift and shape their energy use, support clean energy goals, and enhance energy grid resiliency and operations during severe weather events. We estimate that 107 million smart meters were deployed by end of 2020, covering 75 percent of households, and the 115 million smart meters will be deployed by end of 2021.
Technology Partner Roundtable
Dialogue Series
IEI’s Thought Leaders Speak Out: Engaging Customers with Technology Dialogue Series brings together executives from electric companies and technology companies to share lessons learned and the results of using technology and data to advance residential customer engagement in energy, carbon, and pricing solutions.         ‎‎‎‎       The IEI Technology Partner Roundtable is a select group of technology companies committed to develop and deploy innovative customer solutions in partnership with electric companies.
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Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Takeaways
SCE & GridX - Lessons from California: The Role of Rate Analytics and Customer-Centric Approach to Drive TOU Participation (September 2022)
NV Energy & Bidgely - Using Smart Meter Data Disaggregation to Better Serve Residential Customers (May 2022)
AES & Uplight - Offering Customers Personalized, Subscription Energy Bundles (December 2021)
Ameren & Anterix - Implementing Advanced Communication Technology to Benefit Customers (September 2021)
Georgia Power & Sensus - Applying Smart Meter Data to Enhance the Customer Billing & Payment Experience (August 2021)
DTE & Powerley - Empowering Customers with Awareness and Control Over Their Energy and Carbon Footprints (July 2021)
PGE & E Source - Using Data Science to Rethink Customer Programs: PGE Peak Time Rebate Program (June 2021)
Past Key Takeaways
Smart Meters at a Glance
April 2022
This infographic shows how electric companies are leveraging the more than 110 million installed smart meters in the United States as of year-end 2020. Deployments are estimated to reach 117 million smart meters by the end of 2021 and 124 million by year-end 2022 (nearly 78 percent of U.S. households).
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Electric Companies Are Committed to a Clean Energy Future: 10 Things You Should Know
April 2022
Electric companies are committed to investing in a clean energy future. In 2021, 40 percent of all electricity generated nationwide came from zero-emission sources like nuclear, hydropower, wind, and solar. Carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation were 36 percent below 2005 levels at the end of 2021. In 2021, investments in wind and solar energy accounted for 81 percent of all electricity capacity additions in the U.S.
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Energy Efficiency Trends in the Electric Power Industry: Top 10 Things You Should Know (2021 Update)
October 2021
This factsheet uses the most recent data to identify the top 10 things you should know about energy efficiency (EE) trends in the electric power industry through 2020. For instance, EE programs saved 232 TWh of electricity in 2020 and saved enough electricity to power 30 million U.S. homes for one year.
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