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October 2016
Electric Company Smart Meter Deployments Foundation for A Smart Energy Grid
This study provides examples of how electric companies are leveraging information from more than 65 million smart meters installed in the U.S., covering 50 percent of households, to improve grid operations, integrate distributed energy resources, and provide new customer services.  Smart meter deployments are projected to reach 70 million by the end of 2016 and 90 million by 2020.
December 2014
State Electric Efficiency Regulatory Frameworks
The Institute continues to track developments in performance incentives, cost recovery, and lost revenue recovery mechanisms for utility-administered energy efficiency programs. This resource summarizes these regulatory policy frameworks on a state-by-state basis and is updated periodically. Since the last update to the report in July 2013, Several states have updated their existing regulatory policies for energy efficiency, and one state (Mississippi) has significantly expanded the business environment to support investments in efficiency programs by electric utilities.
April 2013
Forecast of On-Road Electric Transportation in the U.S. (2010-2035)
This report provides a forecast of electricity use in transportation from 2010 to 2035 based on the progressive adoption of electric vehicles, primarily electric light duty and commercial vehicles. The report develops multiple scenarios to assess a range of transportation electrification opportunities from 5-35 million EVs on the road by 2035, depending on advances in battery technology.
March 2013
Factors Affecting Electricity Consumption in the U.S. (2010-2035)
In the coming decades, many factors will affect electricity consumption in the United States. This report examines the potential effects of three key factors on electricity consumption: 1) improvements to building energy codes and appliance/equipment efficiency standards; 2) growth in ratepayer-funded electric efficiency programs; and 3) electrification of the transportation.
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