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May 2017
Powering the People: Smarter Energy, Smarter Future
Lisa Wood
During the 2017 Powering the People, industry thought leaders discussed the latest advancements in technology and policy that are shaping a smarter energy future.  Key insights include the centrality of data analytics to better serve customers and enhance operations, the importance of partnerships to advance smart communities, and the influence of regulation on innovation and technology.
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December 2016
Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry Volume III
In the last volume of the Key Trends Driving Change series, electric and technology company executives provide their views on three trends at the heat of the industry’s transformation – rate and regulatory reform, data analytics, and grid modernization. These trends make clear that while much has been achieved in a short time, we have many difficult challenges ahead, specifically rate and regulatory reform.  How these trends continue to unfold across the nation, and how we as stakeholders in the industry are able to work together to advance common goals and objectives will determine the success of this transformation for us and for our customers.
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May 2017
Top 10 Things You Should Know About Developing Smarter Energy Infrastructure
This fact sheet describes at a high level how the electric power industry is modernizing and investing in the energy grid, the drivers making modernization essential, the amount being spent on grid modernization, and some key outcomes to date. In 2016, electric companies are expected to invest $32 billion in the distribution system to make the energy grid smarter, safer, cleaner, more dynamic, more reliable, and more secure.
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Recent Reports
June 2017
Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Forecast Through 2025 and The Charging Infrastructure Required To Support PEVs
Adam Cooper (IEI) and Kellen Schefter (EEI)
Improvements in technology, growing customer demand, increasing fuel economy standards, and declining costs are combining to drive plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) sales to record levels. This report forecasts PEV sales through 2025 and estimates the scope and scale of charging infrastructure needed to support PEVs and the different approaches to infrastructure build-out.
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